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Equipping Christians to understand

and articulate a gospel that is both reasonable and biblical.

Dr. Joe

Dr. Mulvihill is a Christian theologian, apologist and scholar who equips students to anticipate, defend and articulate Christian truths in adversarial environments. Dr. Joe Mulvihill has spent nearly two decades working in higher education and has been asked to speak to thousands in a multiplicity of church venues.

Joe has been able to connect the church congregants and his former students to some of the best Christian scholars in the world (some of whom are his personal friends), either in person or electronically like; Dr. Craig Keener, Dr. Jeremiah Johnston, Dr. Wave Nunnally, Dr. Terry Cross, Dr. Paul Copan, Dr. David Wood, William J. Federer, J. Steven Miller, Dr. JP Moreland, to name a few beyond those mentioned.

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Book reviews, research, articles.

“I had the pleasure of attending Joe’s teaching sessions and was duly impressed with his evident preparation, clear articulation of the issues, enthusiasm, and ability to connect with an audience of mature Christians given to critical inquiry. I have been more than pleased with Joe’s performance to date and wholeheartedly trust him with my class. People in the class have been consistently satisfied with Joe’s theological and apologetical acumen and have requested repeatedly for him to teach on various occasions.”

Dr. William Lane Craig

Biola Univ. (Doctorate: Philosophy, Univ. of Birmingham, Doctorate: Theology, Univ. of Munich)

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